George and Jo's New Zealand Free Range Chicken

Our chickens are raised by a dedicated collective of independent farmers who care about the environment, their chickens, sustainability and good nutrition. The difference with George & Jo’s chickens is that they are never given any antibiotics. Instead we keep our chickens healthy by ensuring that they live in a great free-range environment, with good quality feed and the best of care.


George & Jo's Chickens are 100% Antibiotic Free!

George & Jo's 100% antibiotic free chicken is guaranteed 100% antibiotic free for life. That means that our consumers can be confident that the entire food chain to produce George & Jo’s range of products is free of antibiotics.


Our chickens are fed a nutritionally balanced diet

Our chickens enjoy a free range life, good quality feed and the best of care.


George & Jo's Chickens are farmed in New Zealand

George & Jo’s is a collective of local Kiwi farmers around New Zealand. All our chickens are free roaming and naturally raised in a healthy outdoor environment.


George & Jo's Chicken farms are Welfare Accredited

George and Jo`s farms are independently audited in strict accordance with the NZ Animal Welfare Laws and in conjunction with MPI, all to insure the highest standards of animal welfare and the best of growing conditions.